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Half Day Fishing tour in Side Turkey


Book something different today! It 's fishing at the sea from Side. The day will be a nice on the wooden boat as well as a wonderful day with catching some different fishes from mediterranean. Sun, sea, fishing and the boat trip: all in one!


  • Try for your "Catch of the day" in Side
  • Enjoy catching many mediterranean fishes
  • A beautiful day at turqoise waters of Mediterranean
  • Enjoy stunning view of Side from the sea

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Fishing in Side Turkey. Angling by Boat at the sea from old harbour of ancient village Side - Vigo Tours

The benefits of fishing can not be explained, it has to be experienced. This is a sport, a hobby, a profession, a skill!
Fishing is an activity that transcends all gender, cultural and economic lines. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from when you're in the harbor, on the boat or on the banks of the river. The important thing is to catch. Fishing in Side Turkey.

Fishing in the sea can be a bit exhausting, but it is a great way to connect people to the sea and to be intertwined with nature. Watching the sun rise in the middle of the sea, gulls flying around you, flying your fishing line into the water, and feeling that the fish hit your fishing line is a great feeling for every person who loves fishing. Each touch of the fish to the hook of the fishing rod, and every fish caught makes a very enjoyable minute full of adrenaline and excitement.

All the tourists are allowed for fishing in Turkey without official permission!

The "Catch of the Day" will become your thrill for the day! Experience the excitement of trying to hook the 'big one' from the fighting chair and imagine the tales you could tell back home! Fishing in Side Turkey.

This Sea fishing adventure day from Side will give you the opportunity to catch one of the many fishes who are abundant of the turquoise waters of Mediterranean. Depending on your visiting Side, the local population of fish may include: Striped mullet, Sea bream, Dusky grouper, Common Dentex and Common pandora.

All bait and equipment will be supplied, so all you need to bring is your energy!

As fishing can be very tiresome, beers and sodas will be provided (extra)

The Half - day fishing tours are regularly organized every morning. Our 9 - 11 meter fishing boats takes maximum 10 anglers and has all the equipments you need to locate and catch fish. Our captain has spent many years fishing in Side and the neighbourhood and has built up an intimate knowledge of local species and locations .You will be given the necessary hints and help to make your day a success. Fishing in Side Turkey.

If you interested in catching the big fish, try exciting trawling and go out to beautiful open water by our fishing boat. The opportunity to hook up " the big one" awaits you as you venture from land to beautiful blue open water on our licensed boat from Side harbour or the Manavgat river.

Away from the hustle of the town, with your fishing lines bobbing up and down in clear blue waters as the gulls hover by the boat, the silence is only broken by a gentle plop as your fish grabs the bait!

At the fishing boat the prices for drinks are quite affordable. please do not bring your drinks from your hotel.

Kizilagac and Kizilot regions are 18-20 km away from Side and are not considered as Side. However, for many tours, we accept Kızılağaç and Kızılot regions as Side for the same price as Side except some few tours. An extra charge per person is applicable for a half-day fishing tour.

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What's included

  • Pick-up and drop-off from / to hotels
  • 5 hours fishing by boat
  • Fishing equipments
  • Tea, Coffee, Water

What's Not included

  • Food and Drinks
  • Photos and Video

What to Remember

Fishing is allowed in Turkey for tourists without fishing permits.

Bring sunscreen lotion. Most boats will be at sea for several hours. Even on cloudy days the sun reflects off the ocean, making sunburns a serious possibility. Apply and reapply high-SPF waterproof sunscreen to help protect yourself from sun damage.

Prepare for sea sickness. The ocean can make the boat very rocky. If you begin to feel sick, stay on the deck, where there is fresh air and less rocking. If you are prone to motion sickness, take medicine before boarding.

If you already know you're prone to motion sickness, take half a Dramamine the night before and another one an hour before or so before you get on the boat. Keep your eyes on the horizon while you're out, because it's stationary and it will help you from getting motion sickness.

Bring water. Be sure to drink plenty of water, because the rays of the sun reflect off the water which can make the day even hotter making you lose liquids faster. Any motion sickness effects will be emphasized when you're dehydrated, and you'll feel a lot better if you drink plenty of water.

It's common to drink alcohol on certain fishing trips, but make sure you supplement any alcohol you're drinking with plenty of water. In bright sun, you can get dehydrated quickly and could wake up to a serious hangover the next day if you're not careful. Not to mention that alcohol will lower your hand-eye-coordination, making you a less safe fisherman. Moderate your drinking and have plenty of water.

At the fishing boat the prices for drinks are quite affordable. please do not bring your drinks from your hotel.

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“Nette Angeltour für Anfänger”
Reviewed by Sebastian D****   Ottweiler  Deutschland  11-01-2018
Die Tour selber ist ok. Man wird am Hotel abgeholt und zum Hafen in Side gebracht. Der Flipper und sein Kollege war sehr nett und es gab auch Tee an Bord. Das Angeln selber ist für Fortgeschrittene Angler eher langweilig da es in den Flachen sandigen Gewässer kaum Grosse Fische gibt. Wir haben vor allem Barsche und Kugelfische rausgeholt aber auch ne kleine Dorade war dabei. Prinzipiell war die Tour für den Preis vollkommen ok aber wenn man auf etwas gezielt Angeln möchte sollte man das vorher genau kommunizieren dann is auch vieles machbar. Eine Familie mit Kindern hat hier aber bestimmt viel Spass. Für mich als Angelamateur war es ne gute Übung an der Route aber für meinen Kollegen war es relativ ernüchternd.

Fazit: Tour an sich gut wenn man weiss was man möchte.
Date of Experience: 10-01-2018
“This trip was excellent”
Reviewed by Keith Y**   Warrington  England  25-07-2017
Me and my 9yr old daughter had an amazing time on this fishing trip today.

The trip began with an early hotel pick up (tip: if you're staying in an all inclusive hotel, you can most likely arrange a take away breakfast, like we did). We were pleased to discover that the boat awaiting us was a lovely traditional wooden craft with a sun deck above the main deck which would offer shelter when fishing - although I guess the type of boat varies depending upon the number of people booked on the trip.

The captain (and tour guide, angling tutor, first aid officer and translator!!) was really good, he loved seeing the enjoyment and excitement in my daughter's eyes when the fish instantly began to bite!

Mid-way through the trip, the captain filleted and cooked our best catches of the day, served with salad, fried potatoes and bread... so delicious. We resumed our fishing after lunch before returning to Side harbour for our transfer back to our hotel.

This trip is not promoted fully, nor does the description on describe it to its true potential (searching for it isn't very easy either).. Our hotel staff were not even aware of this trip - but trust me, I have made sure that they are now able to tell other guests !!

Date of Experience: 25-07-2017
“Freat trip if you enjoy sea fishing”
Reviewed by Cherrie W****      United Kingdom  29-10-2016
5 full hours fishing. Very knowledgeable guide. Lots of great kit includes powered lines for deeper fishing. Sea was a bit rocky for us novice fishermen so we were feeling a bit sick. But caught a few fish. Would recommended for people used to sea fishing. Company / guide spot on with pick ups etc no complaints. Even gave us breakfast as it was an early start.

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