Why Vigo tours?

Some very good reasons for joining us;

Why deposit payment method at Vigo tours?
We use a deposit payment method to protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent bookings. You make deposit payment when you do a booking with us and you pay the remaining balance to the tour guide on the tour.

Friendly and Informative Guides, Drivers, Suppliers and Staff

This is the most important element of any day tour. At Vigo tours we pride ourselves on having staff that add the wow factor. Our day tours and excursions are organised completely with local people and suppliers. Therefore When you join on our any day tours you may get to know more about Turkey and Turkish people.

Our private tours are about you and what you want, there are no other passengers to concern ourselves with.

Vigo tours  offers a large range of full day, half day shared tours and private - Tailor-Made options to choose from.

Most of our tours run every day.

Having such a large range of tours and that each tour departs daily, gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to create your own timetable.

Hotel pick up and Drop Off
We pick you up from your hotel and drop you off to your hotel after the trip.

Very Easy & Flexible Booking
Some of the tours & activities such as Turkish Bath & Hamam, Atv Quad bike & Buggy safari tours are available for booking even the same day as "book and get it in an hour"

We have very competitive prices!
Since Vigo tours is relatively not a big company our over head costs are low and this is one of the most important reasons why our prices are almost 50% cheaper than the tour operator prices at the hotels. The other most important reason is that we do not have any international tour operator partner but organising our trips by our own with our local suppliers only.

Online booking and Easy & Secure Payment with PayPal
Monday to Sunday 7/24 you are welcome for booking even the 12 hours before the departure time; We will accept booking and will be at your hotel in the morning. Even Some of the tours & activities such as Turkish Bath & Hamam and Atv Quad bike tour are available for booking even the same day as "book and get it in an hour"

Where is Vigo tours office?
Vigo tours is accepting bookings for excursions by its 3 retail offices in Side. One is located in Side, the 2nd one is located in Colakli area of Side and the 3rd one is in Evrenseki area of Side.

Does Vigo tours has a license for travel services?
Yes Vigo tours has "Group A" license for providing all travel services in Turkey. The license approved by the minister for Tourism for Turkey and also Vigo tours is a member of association of Turkish travel agencies.

How to book excursions?
You can do your bookings online directly at our website.

How to pay excursions?
You can do your deposit payment with your credit card online via Paypal at our website. The rest of the payment is to be done to the tour guide on the day of the tour.

Does Vigo tours makes discount for groups from the prices at its web site?
Yes, 10% reductions for Groups min. 10 persons (adults only). Not valid with any other offer.

Does Vigo tours has insurance for excursions?
Yes, Either Vigo tours or  its suppliers and service providers for excursions & activities have obligated insurances for excursions.

Do I have to make an early reservation for excursions?
Early booking is always recommended but you can book our excursions even 1 day before the tour day except Pamukkale and Cappadocia which those booking might be not available depending on the vehicle arranged according to the total number of participants.

Why Vigo tours has very reasonable and competitive prices?
There are only customer, Vigo tours and the supplier at any excursions and activities without some percentage for any collaborator.  Beside that Vigo tours has not a high percent of profit margin on the prices as Vigo tours is a relatively small company with low overheads.

The reviews below made by one of our customers is what we mean;
We found a man at the street office (Vigo tours) selling tours by boat and other things. Very Turkish and so cheap compared with Txxxxxxn at the hotel.  eg Txxxxxxn was 34 Euro for a boat trip to Manavgat river and dolphin Island.  We paid 20 euros for adults and less for children. They even gave us a discount on our children's ages.  Lunch was included and was very nice, drinks were very reasonable. All in all, with the trip, lunch, gifts and drinks, we spent less than the basic price of the Txxxxxxn trip without any extras! Recommended! Deposit required (Sometimes) and pay on board the boat. (Keep your receipt).

Where is the exact pick up and drop off place?
The pick up and drop off place for all of our excursions and activities are always the main gate of the hotels but not the lobby area.

Does any late pick up happens for excursions?
Sometimes when many hotels to go for our other customers we may get to your hotel a little late of 15-20 minutes. Pick up time are changed depending on the number of hotels for daily pick up program of each excursion and activity. The actual time is given after booking with the hotel location. We always aim to be on time for pick up but however please forgive us for being late sometimes which may be about maximum 10-15 minutes beyond our control.

Do we have to pay for date change?
No, You pay no additional charge for date change.

What shall I do if nobody comes for pick up about half an hour?
Please immediately give a phone call us with our 7/24 phone number which you can find on the ticket.

Which languages are mostly available on excursions?
English and German are mostly talked on all of our excursions and activities. When no enough bookings for 1 language we do trip with German and English guests in the same bus together and the guiding language to be together German and English. Russian and Polish are also available on some excursions such as 2 day trip to Cappadocia and 1 day trip to Pamukkale. Most of the other excursions and activities we do pick up and do the tour operation (such as rafting, jeep safari etc.) without separating language and country.

Can we pay with our credit card?
Yes, You can do your payment with your credit card online at our web site and via Paypal from our website.

Which areas Vigo tours does accepts bookings for excursions and daily trips?
Vigo tours accepts bookings for daily trips & excursions and activities from Side and following places around Side; Kumköy, Colakli, Gündogdu, Titreyengöl, Kizilot. Also some day tours & excursions accepted from Antalya, Belek, Kemer and Alanya. We also have some activities available for booking in Istanbul.

it says that a transfer from your hotel is included in the price but is this a specific hotel you have connections with?
We will be staying in 'Sun City Apartments' in Side, will you be able to pick us up from here?
For our day tours & excursions we do pick up from all hotels. We have different pick up times for each hotel. When you book any of our activities we will give you the specific pick up time for your hotel.

is there a way of booking places on the tour once we are in Turkey?
Most of our day tours & excursions are available with bookings 12 hours before the departure. Booking available either online at our web site or We are available 7/24 with our phone number, sms or mail.

Will I get a Ticket?
Yes, you will get your ticket by a mail following your booking. Please print it and have it with you on the tour day. If somehow you do not see the ticket mail in your inbox, please check your spam & junk boxes or contact us.

What should I do if I can not print my online ticket?
No problem. If you do not have printing facilities, make sure that you note down the ‘‘Ticket Number’’ displayed on the upper left of the voucher and send a text message to the GSM phone number which is found on the ticket or an e-mail to [email protected] quoting the ticket number and the fact that you will be travelling without a ticket.

What should I do if lose my ticket?
No problem. If you lose your ticket, please act as explained in Question above. If you do not have the number of your missing ticket, make sure your message includes other essential information like: your name, accommodation, room number and the name /date of the excursion.

Where and how do I get picked-up and dropped back?
Main entrance of your hotel & accommodation. All our excursions include free pick-up and drop-back service from/to your accommodation.  We also do free pick-up and drop-back service from houses and apartments.

Do you pick-up from any hotel or some certain ones?
All accommodations. We pick up from any hotels in the areas where booking is available. We know all the hotels and apartments in the area, so do not worry, we will be there on time. For accommodations in resorts other than the areas mentioned in the details please get in touch with us before booking.

Do you need my room number?
Yes, if you don’t mind. You do not have to give us your room number, yet it makes things much easier in most cases. It may not always be easy to get to you if you are not by the pick up point at the pick-up time ( you may not have the right local Turkish time!). Therefore it would be a great help to prevent any pick-up problems if you could let us know your room number. That you can easily do after your arrival in your accommodation by a text message to the Gsm phone number which is found on the ticket or an e-mail to [email protected]

Do I need to confirm my booking when I arrive in the resort?
No. The ticket you receive with our mail right after having finished your booking signifies that your name is securely put down on the passenger list for the excursion and the date you have chosen. Thus no further confirmation is necessary except the room number mentioned as at the previous step.

Is there a way to pay by credit card and not by paypal. If yes pleas show how?
When you go for payment at Paypal, you do not need to have an account at Paypal but you can do payment with your credit card without an account or without opening an account at Paypal either.

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