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Side Pirate Boat trip with Entertainment Lunch and Drinks


Give an unforgettable gift to the children and watch them up!


  • Ahoy, matey!
  • All hands hoay!
  • Three sheets to the wind!
  • Yo Ho Ho!

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Side - Turkey: A full day Pirates boat trip from Side - Vigo Tours

Yo Ho Ho.. Ahoy! Lets trouble the water! An amazing pirate boat trip with your family and children!

Yo Ho Ho! AHOJ!

Side pirate boat tour has become very popular in Side recently. Our guests who have taken a regular boat tour or want to try a different day activities show great interest to this tour. This tour includes unlimited non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. There is an animation team within the families with children, so the children will have a fun day with the animation team and the parents will have a very comfortable day.

Many years ago at the same blue waters lots of pirates lived. Now let your children to experience and enjoy the pirates day with our pirate ship.

Great sight with blue-blue water! So great to be there with wind blowing in your face. Great atmosphere and beautiful views and there are a lot of different pirate ships to look at. A wonderful day of Lots to see and do for you and your kids!

Feel the wind in your hair and smell the salty sea as you enjoy an ultimate cruising adventure on our Pirate boat, departing from the Pirates harbour. This is an unforgettable trip on board a wooden sailing pirate style boat – you are sure that this will definitely be one of the highlights of your children at their holiday.

The pirate boat is of unique design, made as a replica of a real pirate boat with two masts and five sails of wooden brown varnished.

Sailing on the pirate boat will take you and children back in time to the old days of the pirates.

Swimming at the sea - Entertainment & Pirate Animations for Children

Let the kids enjoy the day as well as you!

What's included

  • Transfer from / to Hotel
  • Lunch on the pirate boat
  • Soft drinks

What's Not included

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Photos

What to Remember

Please bring sun lotion and towels

Some Pirate Terms and Phrases
If you think that there are only a few pirate terms and phrases to learn, you are absolutely mistaken! After reading this list, you will see that there is quite a bit more to speaking pirate than running around and say "Aargh!"

All hands hoay=Everyone get on the deck
Dance the hempen jig=To hang someone
Hempen halter=The noose used to hang people
Abaft=Back area of the boat
Cackle fruit=Chicken eggs
Duffle=A sailor's belongings
Head=Toilet on board the ship
Holystone=Sandstone that was used to scrub the ships
Monkey=Small cannon
Monkey jacket=Short jacket worn by some of those aboard the ship
Poop deck=Deck that is the highest and farthest back
Flibustier=Pirates of the Golden Age
Freebooter=Refers to an actual pirate
Landlubber=A person who is not incredibly skilled at sea
Powder monkey=A gunner's assistant
Black jack=Large drinking cups
Ahoy, matey=Hello, friend
Blow the man down=A command which means to kill somebody
Buccaneer=Name for a pirate
Cutlass=Type of sword used by the pirates
Feed the fish=Meaning that an individual or group of individuals will soon die
Jolly Roger=The famous pirate flag with a skull and crossbones on it
Man-O-War=The name used for a pirate ship that is all set and ready to go to war
Old salt=A sailor that has a great deal of experience on the seas
Scuttle=To sink a ship
Seadog=An old sailor or pirate
Shark bait=Going to die soon
Thar she blows!=An expression used when a whale is spotted from the ship
Son of a biscuit eater=An insult
Three sheets to the wind=Someone who is quite drunk
Yo Ho Ho=There is often used to express some sort of cheer but also can be used to call attention to the speaker.

You might be surprised to see some of the items on this list. In fact, certain expressions have made their way into every day life. For example, people often say "Three sheets to the wind" about a drunk person at a party or they will call a rascal a "scallywag." Learning about how languages blend into each other is extremely interesting.

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